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About Us



Hello! We’re Jon and Hannah, and along with our daughter we welcome you to try a slice of smallholding life with our chickens, veggie patch and our 4 legged grazing guests - alpaca's who are a frequent sight around here with baby alpacas due this August 22! Enjoy our off grid site set within 4 acres and  powered by solar and a wind turbine.  

With the way the world currently is at we are keen to focus on sole use bookings, allowing people to relax with no other campers on site. We will usually be up to attend to the chickens and are resident alpacas are fed morning and evening by their owners, but on the whole you can enjoy the space to yourself with plenty of walks along bridle paths direct from our dome.


Our plans :Wildlife, our Community and Private workshops:

  The field kitchen garden is currently in progress and we will be adding more wild flowers to create additional meadow fields. So far the bees, birds and butterflies are loving it! We hope to place some bat boxes and owl homes in addition to the smaller bird houses we have dotted around. We tend to leave the grass fairly long and leave many patches for our native species 'aka weeds' to flourish along our banks and field perimeters- all beneficial to insects, bees & birds. Perfect for a bug & butterfly hunt!


We are keen to develop connections with the wider community by offering up space in our vegetable plot for people to grow their own and create a shared space to learn how to be self sufficient. Hopefully in the future we can offer up workshop space to learn about living off grid and encouraging self sufficient practices into our everyday lives.  Be it gardening, learning how to power your home by solar, crafts and repair, health and wellbeing we would love to hear your ideas so do get in touch!


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