About Us



Hello! We’re Jon and Hannah. After twelve years in London we returned to Hannah's home county of Devon where we now live on our smallholding with our daughter and a menagerie of animals including a dog, two cats, and three chickens. We also have 4 legged grazing guests so horses and alpaca's  are a frequent sight around here. Our home is set within 8 acres and is powered by solar and a wind turbine.  

Our professional background:

Jon – London born and bred is a freelance front of house and bar events manager. Not only an expert in his field as a manager for large scale corporate events, wedding and celebrity parties, he is also an excellent cocktail maker, cook & BBQ king! He's has many years experience in outdoor event, bar and catering set ups.


Hannah – spent many years in London as a magazine and TV photo editor, working for various women’s lifestyle and home interiors magazines. Editing images and commissioning photographers, art directing, and sourcing props for photo shoots. Working now within a Design Studio as the Production Co-ordinator for a Marketing and Communications Team.


Since moving to Devon it has been our dream to have our own space to work together as a family- combining our event knowledge and creative skills with our love of the outdoors and the nature on our doorstep.


Off grid Living: 

Our first year was spent adjusting to off grid life, our second year learning about and adapting our solar powered system so we can have the tumble dryer on! Our third year making serious plans for our future field hire for seasonal pop up wild camp & glamping venture.


With the way the world currently is (the dreaded 'Covid' word), we are keen to focus on small scale one group bookings, allowing people to relax in their bubble knowing there are no other campers on site. 


Our plans :Wildlife, our Community and Private workshops:

  The field kitchen garden is well underway and we have been adding more wild flowers to create additional meadow fields and the bees, birds and butterflies are loving it! We hope to place some bat boxes and owl homes in addition to the smaller bird houses we have dotted around. We tend to leave the grass fairly long and leave many patches for our native species 'aka weeds' to flourish along our banks and field perimeters- all beneficial to insects, bees & birds. Perfect for a bug & butterfly hunt!


We are keen to develop connections with the wider community by offering up space in our vegetable plot for people to grow their own and create a shared space to learn about sustainable living. Hopefully in the future we can offer up workshop space and more land to learn about living off grid and encouraging self sufficient practices into our everyday lives.  Be it gardening, learning how to power your home by solar, crafts and repair, health and wellbeing we would love to hear your ideas and any tutors looking for a space to hire- do get in touch!